What is a Snugglebundl?


The beauty of the Snugglebundl, like all good ideas, is that it is incredibly simple. It was originally conceived and designed for parents and for carers to keep their babies warm and securely wrapped, and to reduce the amount of bending and stooping to pick up, lay down or move their babies to and from their arms and to be able to move a baby easily while they are sleeping. It is designed so that you can keep them beautifully wrapped, and move babies as they sleep so easily that it doesn't disturb them. The reduced strain on the body when using the Snugglebundl baby wrap means that mums who need to recover even from C section or post birth difficulties will find this product very helpful. Indeed any parent or carer who wants to take the strain off their back will benefit from using the unique Snugglebundl. You can also use the Snugglebundl to gently rock them to sleep. Snugglebundl also makes a simple discreet breastfeeding cover.

It really is one baby product with so many uses.

How does it work?

The Snugglebundl works in a similar way to a hammock, pulling up around the baby to support the head, neck and spine and the padded hood carefully protects the baby's crown. It then ties at the front to be used as a snug wrap garment if it is a cold day. The extra strength support handles mean that you can safely and securely lift up or place down your baby with just one hand! No more need to support the back of the neck whilst lifting or laying- which means your baby stays asleep! The Snugglebundl baby wrap will fit into car seats, prams, pushchairs, and carrycots. It provides a readily available warm and soft surface to lay your baby down anywhere. If your baby wants a nap, it can then be used to wrap around like a papoose with a little tie on the side to prevent it from being kicked open. If they are asleep and you need to move them you will find that picking up is so easy and the snugness, warmth and comfort of the Snugglebundl means they stay asleep when moving them from one place to another. This is what makes it so unique from any other product on the market and why it could well be one of the best and most useful baby products you will ever own. As one mum put it, "When you have been kept awake all night, then keeping your baby asleep when lifting or laying them is priceless!"

Mum with twins using the Snugglebundl