The Snugglebundl Story

The Edwards family. Left to right, Mike, Heidi, Reuben and Thea[/caption] Snugglebundl truly is a family affair and we take great pride in maintaining our intimate brand whilst growing our thriving business. From humble beginnings ( see our Snugglebundl Story) to our children Thea and Reuben now joining the team. Of course we couldn't forget to mention our Snugglebundl Sonny Boy who has been with us from the start and has his very own couch at the Snugglebundl HQ office! Sonny loves his daily trips to the Post Office to send off orders. As a family brand we all have an emotional investment in Snugglebundl from producing the best quality products to responsive customer care . Here are our thoughts......... Mike Edwards Snugglebundl CEO[/caption] Background - worked in Military Medical Corp, Child Therapy & School Teacher, Product Design “ As a family we come as a ready made team, all committed to the business as if it were a new arrival itself. In turn we understand the needs of other families and provide products to make parenting easier.” Image of Heidi Edwards, Snugglebundl Operations Manager Heidi Edwards, Snugglebundl Operations Manager[/caption] Background - Nursery Nurse for over 25 years & Family Centre Manager “ So very proud of our family business and our enthusiasm for spreading the Snugglebundl love.” Image of Thea Edwards Thea Edwards[/caption] Snugglebundl Office Manager “ I learn something new everyday and as it’s a family business there’s a great deal of passion involved.” Image of Rueben Edwards Reuben Edwards[/caption] Snugglebundl Marketing Administrator “ I feel lucky to be able to work with my family. It’s love at all times.” Photo of Snugglebundl founders From left to right, Dave Solomons, Heidi Edwards, Mike Edwards[/caption] The idea for the Snugglebundl baby lifting baby wrap came from necessity for David Solomons when his daughter was first born. His wife Suzi had some serious complications during the birth, which resulted in her being very limited in her movement and unable to bend or lift without extreme discomfort. At the same time David's back problem meant that he struggled to bend and lift as well! Between the two of them they found lifting up, laying down and manoeuvring their new baby in and out of pushchairs and car seats extremely awkward. To help the problem David would lay his daughter on a blanket and gather it up in a bundle around her and then simply pick her up! That was for him the "Eureka" moment. And from that point he began to think about the concept of a safe lifting idea for babies. In the new year of 2011 Dave teamed up with Mike Edwards, his good friend, neighbour, fellow father and fellow designer and his lovely, ever-optimistic, enthusiastic and hard-working wife Heidi. Together they worked out the best way to fully support the baby's head and neck and safely protect the crown. The strength of the handles was of course paramount, but it also had to look good and be functional and durable too. In the months that followed they made hundreds of prototypes in different sizes, lengths and materials. They gathered a team of new parents to trial these, and from those results the Snugglebundl baby-lifting baby wrap was finally born (Called the Bundl for short!). They knew we had it right when the mums testing them refused to give them up! From this one idea they decided to start our own innovative baby product company, which was lovingly called Snugglebundl after their unique blanket.