How Does The Snugglebundl Give Total Head Support?

Any new parent can feel a little apprehensive in ensuring their baby’s head is fully supported when lifting and laying them.  The Snugglebundl solves this problem and at the same time the age-old difficulty of moving a sleeping baby without waking them. Many people wonder how it holds the head so steady without a mechanism or clever contraption of some sort. The answer is simple- when you lift the handles the material moves at the same time and forms a hammock around your baby that supports the whole body. The material holding the head and neck totally secures that area as it is lifted so you don’t have to worry. The whole blanket itself supports the body. Just as you cannot push your head back in a hammock your baby’s head is totally secured too! The simplicity is why it is so effective and why it has won so many awards. And no matter how heavy your baby becomes it will remain strong- especially as the product is tested to 30kg (the weight of a five year old!). The head also has a layer of padding behind it to ensure the baby is snug and protected when laid down. This also forms a platform to hold and support the head too. To see a video of how the neck is immediately supported when the loops are lifted then click on this image. [embed width="899" height="386"][/embed]

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