Pregnancy and parenting blogging

The Internet is a great place to write and publish your parenting journey that other people can find useful, helpful and inspiring. Little ones don't remain little for long. What begins with a new born adventure soon morphs into a toddler blog. We've collected a handful of blogs which you may find useful. By no means extensive or comprehensive, they may well be a useful jumping off point. Image of Commando Dad Website Commando Dad by ??? I found myself thinking how much easier life would be if there was a basic training manual for being a dad: a stripped down, basic guide to all the practical skills I needed to learn – fast. Eight years and two more children later – and armed with the experience of being a qualified childminder – I wrote that manual. Commando Dad: Basic Training – How to be an Elite Dad or Carer, Birth to Three Years. I created this website as back up support to the book, and to enable me – and other dads – to share tips and advice. In my opinion, no one can support a new dad like another dad.