How do you fit the Snugglebundl in a five point car seat?

When you buy a Snugglebundl it comes with visual instructions and there are plenty of videos on YouTube

To use in a five point harnessed car seat the steps are as follows:

  • Lower your baby into the car seat using the handles (the baby will stay asleep so it’s much easier to fit them into the buckles too!)
  • Open the two side panels
  • Tuck material into each side of the neck and bring the shoulder straps over the baby’s chest
  • Tuck side material under the arms and bring the baby’s arms through the loops as normal.
  • Bring the bottom buckle through the legs and clip to the shoulder straps
  • Pull the tightening cord so the strap cannot be pinched with the fingers
  • Off you go on your stress free journey 😊

(note- with a five point harness it is only possible to wrap the baby’s legs but the main function of putting them in and out of the car seat is still fully functional).

See the article about the crash testing and frequently asked questions here

To watch a visual demonstration of how to fit into a five point harness see video below

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