Car Seat And Hassle Free Travel

Every parent knows what it is like to move a baby out of a pram, car seat or crib and fear waking them.

Generally getting things done or getting from one place to the next is made much slower if you keep waking your baby. And it’s not healthy for your baby who needs all the developmental sleep it needs.

The Snuggelbundl when out and about makes life so much easier due to its many simple but life-changing features.  From a simple shopping trip to getting on a plane, the Snugglebundl really helps.

Why carry a car seat or leave a baby in too long when the Snugglebundl allows you to remove your baby fast asleep? Simply lift your baby in and out using the hammock designed feature that fully supports your baby’s head and moves your baby undisturbed! Open the flaps and fold the straps over the baby. It’s fully crash tested to EU and USA standards for both three and five point harnesses. If you want to see how to fit one, see what a car seat expert thinks of it then you can watch this video.   When out and about putting a baby in a low pram can add strain to your back and cause stress regarding safe neck support. With the Snugglebundl you can gently lower your baby asleep without any anxiety about waking them or worry about how you hold their head safely. Also when you need to feed your baby you can use the Snugglebundl as a breastfeeding cover or to simply be able to put your baby back down again once fed.

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