Car Seat Blanket

Snugglebundls range of car seat blankets are made with your babies comfort and safety from the outset. As the result of real parenting needs the Snugglebundl continues to attract 5 star review ratings as the car seat blanket, the only car seat blankets with integral handles, that allows you to keep a good posture while moving a sleeping baby without waking them. Image of baby in a spot snugglebundl placed in a car seatSuitable for new born babies our car seat blankets work from birth upwards. The integral handles are safety tested to 30kg, which is generally about the weight of a 5 year old child. Baby will become so accustomed to the blanket that it becomes their preferred snuggle blanket that they know and love.

Snugglebundl meets Car Seat Safety Standards

Snugglebundl is the worlds first patented lifting baby wrap that allows parents to lift and discretely breast feed their baby. Its the only fabric based baby carrier with handles in the world. And its safety tested by car seat crash dummies to ensure your child's safety according to European and United States of America car seat standards. The car seat blankets meet this standard because the car seat safety straps go over your baby's shoulders, not over the garments the baby is wearing. A baby that is wrapped in a padded coat for example, in a crash situation, may slip out of the padded garment upon impact. When using a Snugglebundl a coat or bulky garment is not necessary, and because of this, the car seat safety straps can go directly over your babies shoulders meaning the straps are where the safety straps need to be to make your baby safe, while the car seat blanket keeps baby comfortably snug and warm. Any parent will tell you that if you just place a blanket over a baby in a car seat as a car seat blanket it won't be long before the baby will kick the blanket off and by this time you'll be driving. If you put it back they will just kick it off again ! The Snugglebundl  wraps around the baby and because of this baby can't kick the car seat blanket off which ensures they are snug and warm.

Supports infants head & Morrow reflex

Almost all babies will fall asleep in a car seat. The difficulty for parents is to lift them out without disturbing their sleep. As parents lift the baby from the car seat, the removal of the car seat blanket causes a sudden change of body temperature around the baby. The second thing that happens as baby is lifted, the head will often tip suddenly, triggering the Morow Reflex. The Morow Reflex, a response to the sudden tipping of the head, wakes the baby up in a startled manner, usually triggering the crying reflex, because baby was warm and asleep, and is now chilled and startled awake, and not sure what's going on, baby becomes very stressed. Snugglebundl supports infants headThe Snugglebundl provides full head support, supporting the infants head at all times. Baby's head is lifted in the same warmth and fully supported position as the baby is lifted from the car seat. This means there is no sudden change of temperature nor is there any sudden tipping of the head and the infants head is supported throughout any movement, moving the baby from car seat to mothers arms, all the while supporting the infants head. The head hood is softly padded to hold its shape while holding the head hood away from the head allowing air to circulate, but if pressed against, provides a soft comforting surface for babies head to rest against. For Special Delivery baby blankets the Snugglebundl excels. The full head support extends down giving full body support to tiny infants including full support to infants head.

Car Seat Blanket that lifts and lays

The soft strong handles are safety tested to 30kg. This means you can lift your baby while still in the car seat blanket, which is great for your back and posture without waking baby. Because of the unique soft handles the snuggle wrap allows mums in C Section Recovery to reduce or eliminate stooping or bending that Doctors will advise C Section mums to avoid. Because of the handles mums can adopt an upright lifting posture which reduces pressure on the abdomen, freeing your body from repetitive strain and stress and discomfort on the stitching. The Snugglebundl car seat blanket is a boon for mothers of twins where the car seat can be left in the car, a needless additional weight to carry, since its easier to lift and lay baby in the Snugglebundl car seat blankets than have to carry the car seats plus babies. This minimises the time babies spend in the car seats. See our article on the importance of minimising car seat usage if that's a concern you have.

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