Help with recovery after C-Section and from stitching

Why the Snugglebundl is the perfect C- section recovery product

The Snugglebundl lifting blanket is like having an extra pair of hands, helping you to lift and lay your baby - even straight after surgery - without straining your tummy muscles and protecting your stitches. Use in hospital from birth (no need to call the midwife) Allows you to lift/lay/move without bending Takes pressure off tummy muscles and C- section stitches Lift baby to your arms without help after C- section Use to lift in/out of car seats, prams, and cots and cribs Highly recommended by so many Mums & healthcare professionals The only C- section recovery product of its kind in the world

The Snugglebundl is a godsend! I had SPD and a C-section and I would have really struggled without it!”

Emily - Mum to twins

Reviews and Testimonials

Great idea, wish I had known about this product before my caesarean! It would have been a definite help in the first few weeks. We bought one when baby was 9 weeks and it's been brilliant. Cannot recommend highly enough! The Snugglebundl is a godsend! I had SPD and a C-section and I would have really struggled without it! The Snugglebundl allowed me to lift Erin up and down without having to stoop which is very uncomfortable following a C-section. I was able to sit in bed and comfortably be able to get her out and back into her Moses basket whenever I needed without hurting myself. My most used and loved baby item. Took pressure of my tummy muscles after my C- section. The Snugglebundl has helped me to get around with my baby without causing myself pain. The Snugglebundl prevents pressure on stitches, minimalising discomfort and allowing a new mum to enjoy and nurture their baby.

How does the Snugglebundl help your recovery after a C- section?

The Snugglebundl is like having a best friend around all the time that is always there for you when you need help to lift, lay or just simply move your baby. By using the Snugglebundl to help you with your new baby you will feel confident that they are completely supported as you move them. The Snugglebundl has two ties on the side that then fastens the blanket as a cosy wrap. Using the handles also lets you move a baby so gently that they will stay asleep so it also gives you more time each day to rest more.  It’s like having an extra pair of hands. It is a great example of how the simplest ideas are so often the best. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Just read the reviews or look at the awards!

Lifting your baby after a C-section- How the Snugglebundl works

By using the two soft strong handles on this multi award winning baby blanket, you can easily lift, lower and move your baby with a straight posture. This means that the weight of your baby is taken by your arms and not your stomach and back thus taking all strain away from the stomach muscles, causing you less pain and discomfort and speeding up your recovery time after a C- section birth. Snugglebundl is the only baby product in the world that can do this. Often described as a ‘godsend’ it is truly loved and recommended by both mums and healthcare professionals across the globe.

Recovering after a C-section!

We know how tough recovery can be and the importance of making your life much easier

How long will it take to recover?

C-section Mum’s generally stay in the hospital for two to four days before leaving for home. Naturally, all mums recover at different rates but your recovery could take many weeks, so you are going to need as much help as possible taking care of yourself and your new baby. Therefore it makes perfect sense that more steps you can take to help yourself recover, the easier and quicker it will be till you are fully back in shape.

Protect your tummy muscles after a C- section

This is where the Snugglebundl can really benefit you. Using the Snugglebundl means being able to move your baby whenever and wherever you want to, but at the same time protects those delicate stitches and sore tummy muscles. Because it really is such a huge help after a C-section, we recommend that you put a Snugglebundl in your hospital bag so that you have it ready to use with your new baby from the word go

Other reasons to buy a Snugglebundl

Amazingly versatile! Can also be used as a wrap, playmat, crib liner and breastfeeding cover Love it or get your money back with our 30 day free returns policy Safely fully supports your baby’s head, neck and body Fully safety tested to EU standards