Guest Post: Midwife, Aisling Temperley on Using the Snugglebundl with Twins and on the Set of Eastenders!

Guest Post: Midwife, Aisling Temperley on Using the Snugglebundl with Twins and on the Set of Eastenders!

My name is Aisling, and I am currently pregnant with my 5th baby. As a health care professional, I don’t like to recommend anything unless I have used it myself - this is why the Snugglebundl is so great, and I highly recommend to my colleagues, patients and friends. 

I started working in A&E in 2008 as a health care assistant to gain knowledge in the medical field. I then did an access to nursing and midwifery course at West Herts College in 2009. I was accepted by the university of Bedfordshire, starting 2010, to study midwifery. After this, I attended the University of Worcester in 2014 (whilst pregnant with my first babies, twins) to do an NCT birth and beyond course. I have a keen interest in home births and trying to keep a birth as ‘natural’ as possible. I plan to have baby number 5 at home. 

I first discovered Snugglebundl when I attended The Baby Show at Excel London with my mum in February 2014. It was my first pregnancy, and I was expecting twins. Whilst at the show we were given a demonstration on how the Snugglebundl worked - and all the multiple uses it was beneficial for. I made the purchase and put them away for when my babies arrived. 

I can tell you as a twin mum the Snugglebundl was my most used bit of kit! Having two babies at once is overwhelming and the Snugglebundl enabled me to have a second pair of hands. 

My twins were lucky enough to be chosen to play Kat and Alfie Moon’s twins on Eastenders and having the Snugglebundl on set was a real help. I could move a baby from one place to another without waking them, and I knew they were safe and clean at the same time. 

I also found it great for supermarket shopping! I often questioned the cleanliness of the trolley seats, but I didn’t have to worry when they were in the Snugglebundl - they went straight from their car seat to the trolley and back. This was extremely beneficial for me, especially after having a c-section. 

When the twins were 3 years old, I had my next baby. My little boy was born with a clubfoot and had multiple hospital appointments and we were forever in and out of the car - the Snugglebundl came to the rescue again! It enabled me to get him from his car seat onto the hospital bed so the doctors could look at his foot, then move him back to the car seat so we could go home, often this was done without waking him. I also used the Snugglebundl as a breastfeeding cover whilst at the hospital. 

I then had my next baby when my little man was 11 months old, and the twins were 4 years old. When my little lady arrived, the twins had started school - so I was needing to be out of the house early in the mornings to drop them off. Once again, the Snugglebundl was there as a helping hand. I was able to move her from where she was to the pram - and then back again once we got home. Even if she was awake before we left, I knew she would fall asleep in the pram - so being able to move her asleep and into her buggy made my life easier. This often enabled me to have a coffee before my hectic life took over again. 

Now I am expecting my 5th baby, I, without a doubt, know the Snugglebundl will be my helping hand once again. 

The Snugglebundl has so many uses, I found I had less to carry around with me which again made my life easier! 

How I used my Snugglebundl: 

* As a shopping trolley cover 

* As a breastfeeding cover 

* As a way to move baby from one place to another

* When going in the pram 

* Transferring to and from the car seat 


The quality of the Snugglebundl is also amazing - I still have the original Snugglebundls I had with my twins who are now 8 years old. They have been washed a lot of times and they still look and feel in really good condition. 


I highly recommend this amazing piece of kit to any new mum! Whether it’s your first baby or tenth. For twin parents it is that extra pair of hands you really need especially when you’re on your own. 

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