Wish we'd found Snugglebundl sooner!

A Snugglebundl Review from a mum who didn't have a Snugglebundl after C section!

We are always posting blogs up from Mum's and parents who have been using the Snugglebundl. This blog came in from a Mum who'd heard about our baby blanket after her baby was too old for it. Thank you for sharing your experience of C section with us. It is never easy managing the day to day stuff straight after you've had surgical intervention at the birth and the truth is all you really want to do is just be with your baby. We loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful baby girl and should you ever have another be assured that there is a snugglebundl with your name on it waiting for you:) Over to you...

Sunroof Mummy

I had all the hopes of a home birth and after going over the set 40 weeks with my daughter I ended up being induced at 40 weeks + 10 days.
It is quite a common story especially with first time mums - the impatience of wanting your little one, lack of knowledge or power and like many mums I have talked to since I ended up with an emergency c-section.

I spent 3 days in hospital and returned home with my daughter at the beginning of a snow blizzard. Living on a second floor it took me around 20 minutes to climb the stairs. Although I was told to keep the strain of the scar and rest well after a c-section I tried to do things I thought would be quite easy. Lifting the clothes washing pile was a strain and to be honest I felt elderly with my movements. Trying to cook a meal on my second night home left me exhausted.

It took me around 10 weeks to feel near my usual fitness. I was quite lucky to have my sister and my husband around for the first two weeks to a month with baby. It helped me with doing things around the house. Lifting baby up when I could not bend over. Unfortunately I hadn't heard of Snugglebundl then and it would have been amazing to have in our home. A baby blanket with handles that can help lift and lay down the baby is such a great concept. And the fact that it lifts in and out of car seats and prams and can be used as a cover for breast feeding just adds to the value of the whole idea. I have been telling all my friends about them and only wish I'd discovered them earlier.

I often think mums forget that a c-section is major surgery. The too posh to push strapline to c-sections really doesn't help you understand how you will actually feel after one. Being a sunroof mummy is by no means an easy way out of labour. You need to rest and grab everything you can to make sure that you recover properly.

Don't rush it, pop your feet up and just enjoy baby. The washing can wait!

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