Why Bizziebaby mums love Snugglebundl!

We entered our Snugglebundl baby liftiong baby blanket into the Bizziebaby awards. This means that they are tested by individual mums and then the awards are given on their votes. We were absolutely delighted by the results and really happy to recieve the Silver Bizziebaby award. This is one of the mum judges verdict on her experience with a Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket!...

Product Tested By Nikki Kavanagh ' Finnian 3 Months
Nikki Awarded The Snugglebundl 4.7/5

My initial impression was that this looks warm and snugly; a novel idea with great benefits. The concept of the product is great. The idea of being able to move baby around with the minimum of disruption is ideal. It is a great design, perfect to create maximum comfort. The size of the blanket is great for the current age of my baby. However in the month of trialling it he has grown and he fills out the blanket much more. He is really comforted when I use the snugglebundl so my only wish is that it was a bit bigger. The shape and thickness of the blanket is brilliant for the purpose. The fabric is soft and snugly; it is of a very good quality. He is really comforted by this product and therefore I not only use it for its designed concept of lifting and moving but also just to help calm and comfort him. It doesn't cause irritation as such but I am aware that at times he can become very hot in it so I think carefully about adjusting the amount of layers he has on. The care instructions said to machine wash at 40â—¦ which I found was slightly too hot and the colour ran slightly although this has not affected the product in any way. It is easy to iron but I found didn't really need doing. I found moving my baby from one place to another was really easy to do. The reinforced handles mean that I found it both safe and effective with the minimum of disruption. I suffered from severe Symphis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) whilst I was pregnant and immediately after birth (it is sometimes known as Pelvic Girdle Pain). This meant that my mobility was severely reduced and I suffered horrendous pain when lifting. I struggled when my baby was first born to lift him in and out of the cot. The Snugglebundl has been great to support with the lifting and I wish I had had it earlier. It offers value for its money for function definitely. After using the product I have already brought another one from the Snugglebundl website for a friend who is expecting a baby. Overall this product was fabulous. I absolutely love this product. It keeps my baby snug and secure, providing him with reassurance. It allows necessary movement with the minimum of disruption. I only wish that I had had this product when I had my other children (I used the Snugglebundl with my fourth child).
- Nikki Kavanagh ' Finnian 3 Months

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