When is a Blanket not a Blanket?

There seems to be a little confusion over what a Snugglebundl does! It is perhaps our fault because we have come up with an idea that covers so many different uses! It is actually officially classed and tested as a garment to be worn it just doesn't have sleeves.

For a start there is the question of calling it a blanket as a blanket is technically a loose covering over the baby whilst the Snugglebundl is worn from behind as a garment. We do also refer to the Snugglebundl as a wrap as it wraps round and ties loosely at the front. We could have called it a shawl as a shawl also is a material that wraps around the baby also. We opted in the end to call it a baby lifting wrap blanket though if we were to try and cover all bases we should have called it a baby lifting, wrap, shawl, breastfeeding cover, car seat lining, pushchair cosy, pram fitting, back saving, nap wrap, play mat, blanket but we thought that might be a bit of a mouthful and not so catchy!
The other confusion seems to be that the Snugglebundl has handles which makes it possible to lift, lay and move your baby without having to awkwardly stoop or bend which can be a real godsend when you consider how many times a day you end up bending over to get baby in and out of car seats and prams and move them about the house. Unfortunately some people just see the handles and think that it is some kind of strange bag for a baby! Please note that the Snugglebundl is not a bag or a carrier but simply an easy way to move your baby without waking them.
Whatever way you look at the Snugglebundl, what it is in simple terms is an easy to use and very useful baby product that will make a parent's life easier and stop them from straining their backs, and buy them extra time each day by being able to move their babies without disturbing them.
We hope that you really like the Snugglebundl idea and will take the time to have a look at all the things it does. We always welcome your questions and love to get sent photos of babies enjoying their Snugglebundl. So please enjoy it whatever you call it!"

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