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What is the Moro reflex?

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to lay down your sleeping baby without waking them? How do they know you are trying to put them down and why do they wake up? Well if you are a parent and have been having some sleepless nights with this dilemma then first off let us put your mind at rest. 1) It's not your fault 2) There is a simple solution. It is called the Moro reflex or the startle reflex. It happens when a baby has any sudden movement or a sensation of falling and any loud noise. Their reaction is to extend their legs, arms and fingers, arch their backs and cry. It is your baby's alarm system to protect themselves from any harm. The good news is it only lasts until the baby is four to six months old. The even better news is that there is a very simple solution to help you lay your baby down without triggering the Moro reflex, so you and your baby can get some sleep. The Snugglebundl is a cleverly designed baby blanket with soft strong handles that lets you lay your baby down so gently that it will not trigger the Moro reflex. You can even pick up and move your baby to another place as they sleep and then lay them back down without waking them. It works on two principles that help alleviate the Moro reflex. Firstly as you lift your baby out of your arms in the Snugglebundl it holds them securely as if swaddled. Secondly by lowering them slowly in the blanket they do not detect the motion. Lastly it allows you to put your baby down without having to have your hand behind their head for support. So many parents end up with their arms trapped under the baby's head trying to carefully free themselves without waking the baby. Snugglebundl is the only baby product in the world that can help a parent cope with the difficulty of getting your baby down to sleep without triggering the Moro reflex. This same principle of lifting and laying your baby without triggering the startle reflex works in car seats, prams, cots and cribs with the Snugglebundl lifting your baby safely and securely up and down without waking them. For more information about this amazing multi award winning baby product visit Snugglebundl.co.uk"
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