Too many awards!!

So many glossy baby and parenting magazines and so many online websites to do with becoming a parent. When we launched Snugglebundl we had no idea how many different parenting and baby sites there were. Well over the years we have got to know many of them and equally many have got to know us. And what is great is that so far they all LOVE us too! Many of these magazines have their own review sections where they look at and test new baby products. Generally they all invite independent Mums in to test and review the products at home and then submit their results. This is what makes all the reviews and awards from them more special because they are being given to real parents top test and report on. We have been so pleased over the years with the amazing reviews that the Snugglebundl has got from these sites. We try and display our awards on our website but it is getting to the point where we are running out of room. These are the latest for the trophy cabinet:) Maternity and Online and glossy magazine based in Ireland and covers a wide range of pregnancy and parenting issues, as well as delicious recipes,health and fitness and of course great expert advice on all things baby related. We were delighted that in the Summer of 2013 they awarded us their M amp;I Loves badge because as they said "They just LOVE the Snugglebundl!" Babyworld are a fantastic online website with a massive catalogue of information and advice from conception through to pregnancy and birth and into baby and toddler and family. They review baby products and award those with 5 star ratings the "Mums Love" award badge. We wre really pleased that all 3 reviews loved our Snugglebundl so much that we were a hands down winner. The Baby Another great online source of everything to do with babies and raising a family. They have really good sections on parenting advice and always loads of competitions. We were so pleased when we again recieved a unanimous 5 star rating from their reviewers and were awarded thir Five star award badge. Is as they say a website and glossy magazine for modern Mums! All the usual advice and tips from bringing up baby plus lots of great articles and stories to do with raising a family. The "Gurgle Loves" award badge is given to only their favourite brands. We were so chuffed when they contacted us to tell us how much they love our Snugglebundl. This is the definitive online website for Grandmothers. Trusted advice and friendly chat with lots of the traditional values. They have a butterfly award system with 5 butterfies getting you the gold award. Naturally we were thrilled that we got the Gold award for our Snugglebundl when it was tested by one of their of their Grandmother reviewers. The ABBP- association of Birth and Baby Professionals. Tested and reviewed by Midwives, Night Nannies and Doulas and given the highly prized ABBP Recommended logo. Maternity amp; Infant magazine- Ireland finest baby and pregnancy magazine awarded us their own recommendation Maternity amp; Infant Loves logo. A family focused online parenting magazine offering features, reviews, recipes and advice on all things considered to be Loved by Parents.We picked up the gold award for Best Innovative Gift. A fantastic website designed to keep parents informed on all the latest products and ideas for you and your baby. All their reviews are carried out by independent parents. We were very proud to win two silver awards with them. Practical Parenting amp; Pregnancy magazine has been trusted by mums and mums-to-be for 25 years. These mums know that recipients of a Practical Parenting amp; Pregnancy award offer exceptional performance and value for money. MUMii awards. Formerley the Nursery Trader. We have just been shortlisted for the Most Innovative product for Parents award. Again all entries are tested and voted on by the parents themselves so it's a great award to get . The Dads Network. Nice to have a Dads review for a change. A great blog site looking at bringing up a baby from a mans perspective and reviewing all the latest baby products. Delighted that we got a full 5 Stars from them.. "
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