Taking the strain out of lifting a baby!

Taking the strain out of lifting a baby!

Why the Snugglebundl baby blanket is making life easier for parents!

There are all sorts of weird, wild and often wonderful inventions that come along for the baby product market. There has been all manner of time saving devices and clever contraptions to help you with your little one, but who'd have thought that you could make much more out of a blanket! Sussex based dads David Solomons and Mike Edwards have invented designed and now sell the Snugglebundl blanket, which is as they so proudly advertise, 'The world's first baby lifting blanket!'

The blanket has cleverly attached incredibly strong handles on the sides so you can very simply lift up or lower down your baby with a straight back, protecting your posture and also allowing you to easily transfer a baby from one place to another without waking them! The blanket fits cleverly into car seats, so you no longer have to faff around with those awkward seat fixings. No more lugging out that bulky car seat, just simply lift your baby out on the blanket. It can be used in pushchairs, prams, supermarket trolley seats, cots and cribs and is ideal for discreet breastfeeding. You can even use it for rocking them to sleep in. Dare we say it is the Swiss army knife of blankets!

The Snugglebundl blanket or 'Bundl' for short was launched in November after winning first prize in a Barclays Bank new business competition. They have just received a Loved by Parents gold award for best innovative gift, a Bizziebaby Silver Award, judged purely by mums, Now shortlisted for the Practical Parentinfg and Pregnancy magazine awards for innovation and look set to pick up even more accolades as people start to discover just how useful a blanket with handles can really be. As the saying goes, 'The simple ideas are always the best!'

The Snugglebundl website https://snugglebundl.co.uk/ is full of information and several videos explaining how it works, and with glowing endorsements from mums, grandparents, midwives and chiropractors. Many mums are saying that it is an incredible product to use for all post birth recovery as you can manoeuvre your baby without bending or stooping, which can really speed up the healing process. The UK's leading baby sleep expert and author of Baby Secrets, Jo Tantum simply said, 'I am a huge fan of Snugglebundl, it is a great practical baby product which helps mums lift their babies easily, transferring baby safely if they are sleeping. Best of all they are funky, bright and super soft! A baby and mummy must have!'

As the inventors so succinctly say, "A good blanket that you can use daily is a real essential item, so don't just buy a blanket , buy a Snugglebundl!"

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