Snugglebundl get the Mums Love award!

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We were delighted to be asked to send our Snugglebundls up for review. They were indepently tested by 2 new mothers and we were very pleased that both sets of parents found the Snugglebundl to be a very useful baby product indeed.
As part of the review we have been awarded the "Mums Love" badge which we will be proudly displaying on our website.

lubelle wrote on
This is a truly lovely item, we used it from day one of baby number 4 and after a planned c-section it has been of great value for me. It's thick, warm and the padded head rest makes a very cosy place for baby to lie. It def made lifting easier and baby seems to like it. We used it to swing him to sleep also and I think he felt safe in there as instantly settles. The colour is bright and attractive too, I would recommend this to mums especially after a section and also for breastfeeding mums too. It's a good cover up for public feeding, a great blanket and when in the car seat we could keep him cosy and wrapped even when taking him out. I have been using it now for nearly 6 weeks and there is still plenty of room to grow. It's a great gift idea for a new parent and the quality is lovely.

pamf0 wrote on

We first trialled the Snugglebundl when our baby was 2 weeks old ' she was having a growth spurt and wasn't happy to settle and sleep in her Moses basket at night. We put her in the Snugglebundl and gently lifted and swung it and! she went to sleep! We then lowered her, still in the Snugglebundl, into her basket, folded the edges of the material over her so she was cosy and swaddled and she didn't wake up.

After several sleepless days and nights, this was an absolute lifesaver! I think this is an updated version of the traditional technique of rocking a baby to sleep in a sheet.

The material is lovely and soft but also feels really sturdy so the baby is snug, warm and cosy as well as secure.

The Snugglebundl is also good for lifting the baby out of their cot, pram or car seat without straining your muscles ' I imagine this would be particularly helpful if you were recovering from a Caesarean section. It's a fantastically versatile piece of kit that serves many functions and I can see us relying on it particularly during sleepless nights for lulling our baby to sleep and getting her into her basket without waking her!

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