Snugglebundl from a sleep consultants view!

We are always going on about the benefits of the Snugglebundl blanket and how it can help the day to day sleeping of your baby. As a parent being able to move your baby without waking them is a real bonus. The statistical average of how many times we move our babies over a day is 50-60 times. A lot of those times it is simply going from one room to another or lifting them from a pram to a car seat or in and out of cots. So many parents end up trapped under their baby as they've gone to sleep in their arms and they are fearful of waking them if they try to lay them down. Aside from all the other things that the Snugglebundl helps with this is one of the main advantages of having them wrapped in a Snugglebundl during the course of the day. If they fall asleep you just use the handles to lift them out your arms and they still feel like they are next to you. You can then lay them down and get on with things you need to do. We are always saying that the Snugglebundl is just a simple idea that serves lots of purposes and parents that use them are always really surprised at just how effective the idea of a wrap with handles can be. We sent one off to be tried out by a well-known night nanny and sleep consultant Tina Southwood, based in Cambridgeshire. She has now become a real advocate for the Snugglebundl and tells all her clients about us. This is an excerpt from her recent blog!. ONE OF MY NEW FAVOURITES ' SNUGGLEBUNDL January 24th, 2014 Tina has her own website over at Sleep baby It's not often a new product comes along that I feel the urge to tell everyone about but when I found Snugglebundl, I instantly knew I would be recommending it to all my clients. The day Snugglebundl was delivered I took it with me to a client's house. When I arrived, the eleven week old baby (Baby S) was quite fractious, so I thought I'd give it a try. As I placed Baby S into it, he snuggled down and looked very comfortable. I then lifted the Snugglebundl by the carry handles (it's a blanket but it has handles so you can lift it ' it's the only blanket I know of that has handles). I then swayed him backwards and forwards and he immediately fell silent, looking up at me and smiling, and then soon fell asleep. I was amazed! Mum's who have had Caesarean's, suffer with a bad back, or have other physical challenges which make lifting or carrying a baby difficult, would highly benefit from the Snugglebundl due to the ease in which you can lift and carry baby with the handles. Due to the very clever design, baby can be strapped into car seats and shopping trolleys etc. without disturbing them, so no more carrying baby around in their bulky car seat and no more hassle of fitting it every time you get into the car. And the Snugglebundl can also be left open, or wrapped around baby, giving you the peace of mind that they won't be too hot or cold. For me, Snugglebundl is a fantastic, high quality, all-round product and one I would recommend to anyone with a baby up to eighteen months old. In addition to all of the above, it is also great for discreet breast feeding, can be used as a play mat, and is fully machine washable (and tumble dry safe). Snugglebundl is definitely in my Top 5 Favourite products. We hope that our simple unique idea will gather more admirers as time goes on. So far it is largely word of mouth that is really growing us a great reputation for a wonderful product. We hope that you too will give it a try or give it as a gift. As always there is tons of information all over our website on how the Snugglebundl works with lots of videos and testimonies from health experts and parents alike."
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