Snugglebundl - coping with baby colic.

Having worked in the field of Child Care for a number of years, I've experienced caring for young babies with colic and I've also seen how difficult it can be for parents coping with a crying baby.

Being a parent with a young baby can be demanding enough but if your baby suffers from colic she is likely to be fractious and difficult to settle and of course this in turn causes problems with sleep deprivation which is a huge contributory factor to post natal depression.

There are many remedies and soothers which will offer support and help, including baby massage, gripe waters etc.

The Snugglebundl is essentially for lifting and moving your baby around with ease and safety but can be used in so many different ways not least to soothe and rock your baby. One of the recommendations for babies that suffer from colic, and are difficult to settle or cry a lot is that 'a baby may cry less if kept in motion. Carrying your baby in a sling, rocking them or holding your baby close and wrapped in a snuggly blanket will help'.

The aspect of the Snugglebundl (Bundl for short) I particularly like is that parents will invariably purchase a blanket for their baby, so why not have one that is so useful in many different ways! In doing so the Bundl becomes almost like a second skin which will have you and your baby's smell and this means your baby will find it a real soother and comforter. Once your baby is settled or asleep you can easily move them without disturbing them again. From experience I know this is every parent's nightmare.You've just spent possibly hours settling your baby and as soon as you put them down they wake again!

We have all been very busy launching the Snugglebundl onto the market and we really hope that it will help parents in so many ways
Over the years I have seen a plethora of new baby products on the market some more useful than others but in these times of tight finances purchases have to really be a necessity. At Snugglebundl we hope that the Snugglebundl baby blanket will be one of those must have products for new parents as it has so many functions.

There are lots of sites offering advice for colicky babies like Net Doctors or NHS UK . If your baby is suffering then the most important thing to remember is that though it may not seem like it, it is temporary. Heidi Edwards.

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