Snugglebundl and the art of keeping babies sleeping!

Getting baby to sleep can sometimes take a little while, and then you have the little problem of laying them down gently and trying to get your arm out from under them! More often than not they wake up and you end up having to do it all again.But with the Snugglebundl the solution is in hand! We are very proud of how easy the Snugglebundl wrap can help you with this old age baby sleep problem. For a start you can use the soft strong handles to gently rock your baby back and forth. You can do this easily sitting down and whilst they gaze lovingly up at you. You can softly talk to them and sing to them as they drift off to sleep. This rocking motion can be especially good if they have colic. Once they have fallen asleep in the Snugglebundl it is then much easier to lay them softly down and with no need to have to pull that arm out from under them. The same applies if you have them asleep in yourt arms wrapped in the Snugglebundl, as once they've gone to sleep you just take the handles and lift them from your arms. Because of the way that the wrap holds them they still have the feeling of being close to you and again there is no arm to withdraw from under them.
We have had so much incredible feedback from parents that use the Snugglebundl as part of the daily baby routine. Babies like the way that they are moved in the wrap and recognise when they are in it. Many parents have even told us that their babies don't settle so well unless they are in it! Use the Snugglebundl throughout the day to help give you more time without being trapped under your sleeping baby, and to move them easily from prams, pushchairs, carrycots and car seats to make life a little simpler. As always we love hearing your stories about how you get on with the Snugglebundl and love getting lovely pictures of your restful babies happily ensconsed in the soothing soft brushed cotton of this ingenious baby product.
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