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Snugglebundl: A doctors review

We were recently asked to give a Snugglebundl for review by UK so that they could see for themselves how useful a blanket with handles can be with a new baby. They asked one of their Mothers-to-be to try out the idea, and as it happened it was a doctor. We were keen to find out what she thought of the Snugglebundl. Not just from a Mother's point of view but also from a professional's opinion. UK Birth Centres are dedicated to providing safe, affordable maternity care from private midwives and we are very pleased to have them recommending us to new mothers. This is the review:-

'I used the Snugglebundl after I had a C-section with my daughter, I was really lucky and didn't really have any pain with my C-section, but had been suffering from a trapped nerve in my neck and generalised back pain. The Snugglebundl has been fantastic helping me move around with my daughter with as little pain as possible. With having a trapped nerve in my neck I have a lot of shoulder pain, this makes me feel less secure when holding my daughter and I feared at first I could drop her. Using the Snugglebundl has helped me to support her with my other arm using the handles; this has also helped with breastfeeding positions. I've also found the Snugglebundl useful in helping to rock my daughter to sooth her when she's distressed. The product itself is very well made and the stitching is very secure. I particularly liked the head rest part of the Snugglebundl as when my daughter was newly born she felt more secure and would settle easier when she had something supporting her head, using the Snugglebundl meant that I didn't have to take an addition rolled up towel when travelling with her pram or when in her carry cot. All in all I would recommend the Snugglebundl to other mothers or fathers with similar issues.' Dr. Catherine A.S

We are always delighted to receive reviews from parents. If you would like to submit your own review then you can always either email it to us at or post onto our Facebook wall:)xx"

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