Probably the best baby blanket in the World!

Who loves the Snugglebundl?!!!..

We get a lot of people telling us how much they love the Snugglebundl baby blanket, so don't just take our word for it when we say it's fantastic. Here is just a few of the quotes we've been sent.

Babies, Mums and Dads!!

'Sam has been so happily ensconced in his Snugglebundl that we would not be without it! It is hands down my favourite new baby product this time around!. '
- Karin Joyce - Author of Cafe Bebe

'In our opinion, a fantastically well thought out and innovative product with a top quality, safe and durable finish that offers several health related benefits to parents and carers, not to mention allowing sleeping babies to lie ! '
- First4Dads=Blogging for dads

"Snugglebundl has been my saving grace and helped my recovery from SPD so much. Now even though my pelvis has recovered I love it so much that I use it every day for my little one and I find it an invaluable.'
- Andrea Lathwell

'The balance is perfect and Oscar automatically lies in a similar position to that which I would naturally hold him in on the crook of my arm. I love it to bits!

Not sure how I survived without one now and can thoroughly recommend that all mums-to-be, new mums and new baby gift buyers invest in one of these pronto!

It's definitely not another expensive baby gimmick, serving a purpose and fitting a niche that I haven't seen another product for."
- Fiona Barclay - Pushchair trader

"I love my Snugglebundl because it gives me so much more freedom on the school run and when moving from the car to the house. I can move my son around from car seat to cot effortlessly. He doesn't sleep well at the best of times, so this really helps."
- Mandy

"The Snugglebundl makes it easy to move your baby without disturbing them, good for anyone that suffers with back problems or those who have had a difficult birth."
- Which magazine

"The Snugglebundl has helped me to get around with my baby without causing myself pain. and makes many aspects of caring for a young baby mucheasier. I will definitely continue to use it."
- Amy Gibbons

"The Snugglebundl baby blanket is like having an extra pair of hands!"
- Lorraine Warwick

"I just want you to know how much I love your product!! I have 5 week old twins and the snugglebundl is a godsend. I had SPD and having had a csec I would have really struggled without it."
Emily - Mum to twins

'Just discovering how good and versatile the snugglebundl is!! Transferring from chair to carseat to supermarket trolley to front pack without waking!! Thank you'
- Carol Gallagher ( Murray)

"My most used and loved baby item."
Claire -EmmysMummy blog review

'I love this new blanket was able to breast feed my son discreetly and he was still wrapped nice and warm'
Sabrina Andrew

"The Snugglebundl has been a godsend for me. I will be really sad when Erin has outgrown it!"
- Rebecca Ring

"This is our second Snugglebundl we have purchased for our 2 week old son. He loves the first one so much that we decided to get a second one to keep in our pram. it is great to use in his Moses basket, pram and chair as we can roll the sides in giving him a feeling of security rather than him moving about too much in his basket and chair. He loves it!"
- Mary and Jon Goodwin


'My mother thinks its the best baby product she's seen in years and this is a woman who bought up two girls in the 70s when parenting was much simpler'.
- Claire Jones Hughes.( Brighton Mums)

Childminders and Nursery Nurses!!!!!.

'I've looked after so many babies over the years and my back is feeling the strain, this is going to be so useful'
- Childminder at Excel Show

Uk's Leading Sleep Expert!!

'I am huge fan of snugglebundl, it is a great practical baby product which helps Mums lift their babies easily. Transferring baby safely if they are sleeping and best all they are funky, bright and super soft! A baby and Mummy must have!"
- Jo Tantum -

Chiropractors and Osteopaths......

'Eliminates one of the key causes of back pain. Light enough to handle easily and doesn't add any extra weight'
- Dr. Cassidy Hogg (Chiropractor)

"Great help for all my post partum mum's - helps prevent both pelvic and back strains. Excellent baby safe innovation."
- Margery Taylor- Osteopath

"Good for mums, helps keep body balanced and less stress to joints while manoeuvring baby anywhere."
- Peter Gray- Osteopath

Midwives and Health Visitors!!!!

'Snugglebundl will minimise discomfort and pain and allows them a new mum to enjoy and nurture their baby'.
Karen Tribe - Midwife

'The snugglebundl is perfect in every way keeps him warm without too many layers and he is easy to lift out of the crib and move around. I am a healthvisitor by profession and I will certainly spread the word to my clients and midwifery colleagues.'
- Poppy Ferrier- Health Visitor.

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