Midwives get behind Snugglebundl

Midwives get behind Snugglebundl

We get a lot of lovely emails and Facebook posts from mums telling us how much they love using their Snugglebundl blanket with their baby. We also delighted that we are getting lots of amazing feedback and recommendations from a great many midwives up and down the country. There is no other product (that we know of!) that helps a new mum in the same way as the Snugglebundl, and it is fantastic that more and more health experts arte now telling their expectant mums about us. Naturally the handles on the blanket will help you to keep good posture but particularily in the early weeks after the birth the Snugglebundl can really help the post birth recovery time too. We attended the Royal College of Midwives annual conference in Brighton at the end of 2012 and demonstrated the lifting blanket to many health professionals. We had a resounding success and 100% positive response and many are now passing on our name to their new mums and mums-to-be.

Karen Tribe a midwife with over 20 years experience said "With so many mums being sent home so soon after the birth the Snugglebundl is a fantastic idea that will minimalise the discomfort and sorenesss of bending and lifting a baby especially for those that have had any surgical intervention during the birth.The lifting blanket allows new mums to get on with enjoying bonding and being with their baby."

Louise and Wendy from Teddington Midwives said:-

'Parents on our courses often ask us for our professional opinion on which baby products to buy, as frankly there are a huge amount of totally unnecessary ones out there. However, the Snugglebundl is one of the few products which we do absolutely recommend. The baby-lifting blanket is an incredibly simple yet brilliant idea - as well as preventing strain on your back when lifting your baby (and helping your abdominal muscles recover - especially important after a caesarean section) - it also makes it much easier to move your baby around without disturbing them. Any parent who has tried - and failed - to transfer a sleeping baby from carseat to pram without waking them will know how important that is! We only wish the Snugglebundl was around when our own babies needed them!'

If you are thinking of buying a Snugglebundl please join us on our Facebook page and see the posts and comments from so many parents and health experts:)

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