Lifting baby after C section

Lifting your baby after C section can be greatly helped by using a Snugglebundl baby lifting wrap! The soft cotton wrap has been specially designed to help a new Mum lift/lay her baby without having to bend or stoop making it perfect for lifting baby post c section.. In fact the Snugglebundl is the only product in the world that can do this. It is recommended that you should not lift anything heavier than a baby for the first six weeks(including the baby!). Because the Snugglebundl allows you to lift with a straight back the strain is more on your arms rather than the stomach muscles. We have had many letters from new Mums that have been so thrilled that even straight after the birth post c section they can bring the baby up to their arms without having to call the midwife for help! We would love the hospitals to give a Snugglebundl to all new Mums after they have had a caesarian birth. Hopefully that may happen some day but in the mean time if you have a planned c section the Snugglebundl is an essential item for your hospital bag. After the recovery period as well you will enjoy the benefits of being able to move your baby without waking them and being able to lift them in and out of car seats and pushchairs with ease as well. "
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