Holidays with a newborn baby-Top tips

Think you can't head off for summer sun with a newborn in tow? Think again! With a little forward planning, you can certainly introduce your new arrival to the joy of globe-trotting! Here are our top tips for Summer Holidays with your newborn:

  1. Choose your location carefully. Do some research and make sure your destination is family friendly. The last thing you want is a non-stop party resort when you're trying to lull your little one to sleep!
  2. In the same breath, don't choose anywhere too quiet ' you don't want to be known as 'the couple with the noisy baby' amongst a hotel of older couples looking for a quiet getaway!
  3. Consider the weather. Of course it's lovely to enjoy some summer sun, but avoid anywhere that's going to be uncomfortably hot for a newborn ' hot amp; bothered babies, are generally cranky babies!
  4. Pack protection ' lots of it! Newborn skin is so delicate; make sure you've got 50+ sun block and plenty of sun hats (you're bound to lose one or two along the way!)
  5. Pack as light as possible. We all know how much 'stuff' you need to cart around on a daily basis to keep your baby content, but if you're travelling by plane, chances are, space will be limited, so be strict, and only take what you really need. Taking the special teddy bear your bambino can't sleep without is fine, taking their whole army of cuddly toys is not!
  6. Remember, they have shops in other countries! Don't feel you have to fill your suitcase up with nappies, wipes etc ' take just enough to get you through travelling to your destination, then stock up when you get there.
  7. Lastly, don't forget your Snugglebundl baby Blanket! It will make travelling with your baby so much easier, lifting them from car seat to pushchair to aeroplane and back again is safe, secure amp; simple. It will keep them cosy and protected at all times, plus it doubles as a gorgeous play mat when needed!

And of course, don't forget your camera ' baby's first holiday memories need to be captured forever!

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