Bizziebaby mum Snugglebundl review!

We entered our Snugglebundl into the Bizziebaby awards. This means that they are tested by individual mums and then the awards are given on their votes. We were absolutely delighted by the results and really happy to recieve the Silver Bizziebaby award. This is one of the mum judges verdict on her experience with a Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket!...

Product Tested By Amy Gibbon ' Elodie 7 Weeks
Amy Awarded The Snugglebundl 4.6/5

I was very pleased with the product. It felt like it was made from a good quality material and had been carefully thought out. I've never seen anything like it. The product seemed like a good idea for parents/grandparents who have problems lifting/twisting. It took me a little practise to get my baby into the blanket correctly so that she was central and her head was in the support without her neck being twisted. I imagine that it is easier with a slightly older baby. Because baby often fell asleep on the blanket, I found that she was less likely to wake up if I transferred her in the blanket than if I used my hands. Really good quality, excellent size which will last as baby grows. It was not so big that my new-born got lost in the blanket. The thickness of the blanket was perfect for winter, although I imagine it would be too warm in the summer months. I did find that using the blanket with a new-born, it was difficult to wrap the blanket over baby without getting the blanket over her face. I felt that an additional, inner blanket which just wrapped over her body and made her feel secure would have been useful. The fabric was lovely soft inside of the blanket and the outside was a nice fleecy fabric. It felt durable but soft for my new-born's skin. As the blanket was so thick I wondered how it would wash, however it washed really nicely and did not show any signs of wear and tear. I did not have to wash the product many times. This definitely made it easier to move baby around as I did not need to carry the car seat around and in particular keep bending down to lift baby out of the seat/pram. I also found it was beneficial going up and down stairs as due to my hip/pelvis problems I needed to hold onto the banister. This product left one hand free to hold on with. When I change baby downstairs I tend to do it on the floor. Using the Snugglebundl meant that I could lower my baby to the floor first rather than struggling and aggravating my pelvis problems by balancing and holding my baby while kneeling. This is a good quality product which has a huge variety of benefits and makes many aspects of caring for a young baby much easier. I will definitely continue to use it. I have got used to carrying baby in the blanket now. I would recommend this, especially to people who may have back or pelvis/mobility problems. The Snugglebundl has helped me to get around with my baby without causing myself pain.
- Amy Gibbon ' Elodie 7 Weeks

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