Another amazing Snugglebundl review

Naturally we do get offers all the time for Mum's who blog to test the Snugglebundl. We try to support this as much as possible because we are keen to let parents know how amazing our baby wrap that lifts can be to help with the day to day of having a new baby. This can be even more so when there has been any surgical intervention during the birth and of course this means that it is going to be harder for Mums to bend to pick up or lay down their new baby and in the day to day moving around from one place to another. This was the main inspiration behind the Snugglebundl. to help parents lift/lay and move their baby easily and withoput waking them. We were contacted by Julie who writes an excellent blog website called MamaMooo and she explained that she would be having a c-section and was concerned with how she would cope with the lifting of her new baby. Julie wrote "Having a section makes it hard to bend, turn, or even move slightly without feeling like your insides are going to explode, so lifting my baby felt impossible. I used the Snugglebundl and I was able to lift my baby from the pram to car seat without a strain to my tummy. Being able to lift your baby from the pram to your knee makes life ten times better." She has described the Snugglebundl as"The Best Newborn Product!" and went on to say. "The best thing about this wrap, is that it isn't just a blanket. I can't even think how I would do without it. It has been a must have accessory for a newborn. You don't need a c section to feel the benefits of it. My husband has been using it and he feels the benefit of using the snugglebundle. It removes the strain from the back, knees and tummy." You can read all of Julies blogs and see some of her fabulous pictures at "
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