A helping hand with Twins.

Snugglebundl with Twins.

We have had so many parents with twins buying the Snugglebundl and praising us how much help it has given them that we thought we really should put a little blog together about why Snugglebundl works so well when you have twice the babies to look after.

One of the main benefits of a lifting blanket when you have twins is being able to easily lift up and move both babies easily around the house and lay them down without waking them. With car seats it is really useful to be able to leave those bulky seats in the car and just lift the twins out on the Snugglebundls as they sleep which just generally means that you can transfer them easily into and out of their prams/pushchairs and even really handy for the supermarket seats too.

Mums of twins are also be more likely to have c section and that combined with having to be manoeuvring two babies about can be difficult at a time when you need to be resting the stomach muscles. On average a parent will have to bend at least 50 time a day to pick up the baby and with two babies it is obviously twice the strain.

We have been really impressed with the amount of websites and forums that there is available for twins and multiple births and really pleased that the Snugglebundl baby blanket has been helping parents when you've got twice the fun!

We would love to hear from you too if you have any experiences to share or great websites for twins that we can pass on to some of our new mums and mums-to-be.

TAMBA (The Twins and Multiple Births Association) is the largest UK organisation supporting multiple-birth families.

MBF (The Multiple Births Foundation) is a London-based charity supporting multiple-birth families.

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